Tudor Style Sofa

Reference Number: ESA01

Tudor Jacobean
Sofas and Day Beds

UK Price (VAT Included)

Wood Dimension
Mahogany 2 seater £2,414.00
Oak 2 seater £3,866.00
Mahogany 3 seater £2,656.00
Oak 3 seater £4,350.00

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Tudor Style  Sofa

The Tudor is shown here in hardwood (e.g mahogany)
and in the medium brown colour finish.

History and Detail

Sofas can be supplied with solid timber seats or loose cushions or fitted upholstered cushion seats or upholstered in lining material or finished upholstery in a material supplied by the customer. Upholstery is not included in the price.

Standard Dimensions

Type Width Depth Height
2 Seater 5' (1m 52cm) 1'6" (46cm) 4' (1m22cm)
3 Seater 6' (1m 83cm) 1'6" (46cm) 4' (1m22cm)

As the sofas and day beds are made to order, any of the dimensions can be changed to your own specifications.